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Tracking my (planned) weight loss…

Like many others, my mind turns to weight loss at this time of year. Somehow, I managed to put on a kilo and a half just over the Christmas break! Somehow? Who am I kidding? It was most definitely the week of champagne for breakfast, three heart-stopping meals a day and every other drink in between.

I’m now on a mini-detox (thankfully involving neither Carol Vorderman nor that slopey-faced oompa-loompa Gillian McKeith), which means no booze, no junk-food and a return to the gym. I’m also staring down the barrel of a gun Triathlon in August, so I really need to get back in shape. All good things, I’m sure you’ll agree.

Today, I found a great little app in the iTunes app store: Weightbot. Essentially, it helps you track your weight loss, calculates your BMI (I, unsurprisingly, am ‘Overweight’) and displays your progress against whatever weight-loss target you choose to enter. “Yes!”, I hear you cry, “but that could easily be accomplished using a spreadsheet and a lovely graph, courtesy of Excel!”

Aha, but that wouldn’t involve my iPhone, would it? I have realised that any fitness regime in which I may involve myself must have some form of technology component merely to keep my attention and address my flagging interest. Weightbot will fulfil this by getting me to enter my (hopefully) decreasing weight daily and marveling at my ability to shed the pounds.

And no, I’m not nearly brave enough to blog about my own actual weight and provide you with a daily update. That’s between me and my iPhone.

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