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Horror of horrors…

…the latest barrage of muck and nonsense commonly known as Celebrity Big Brother kicks off this evening (in about 5 minutes, in fact). Let me state at this early juncture that I despise reality shows of all persuasions… Big Brother, I’m a Celebrity, Strictly Come Dancing, X Factor… the lot of them. Crap. Rubbish. Drivel. Sadly, my significant other is looking forward to this year’s CBB, so I’m typing this post as he excitedly sits on the sofa waiting for it to begin. My earphones are securely plugged in and I’m listening to some podcasts to drown out any chance to auditory polution.

With that out of the way, I have to consider why these programmes are still being made. Obviously someone is watching them, otherwise Davina McCall (and others) would have to go and find a real job. I think they’re a bit like tabloid newspapers. I don’t read them, never have. But millions of people do. Similarly, millions of people text their votes in for these reality shows each week, then buy the celebrity gossip magazines to find out even more about the nonentities “starring” in each episode. I, obviously, don’t.

I think my main problem with these shows is that they bleed out into other media… the newspapers and TV news will be full of items on Big Brother for the next few weeks. I’ll be in the awful situation of being unable to avoid BB content while simultaneously being completely out of the loop and thus not understanding what everyone is going on about.

Yes, I’m sure your heart bleeds for me.

Oh God, it’ just started… and I can hear McCall’s screaming even through my earphones.


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