Blackberries are not the only fruit… for Orange

This morning’s Guardian is reporting that Orange is considering dropping the new Blackberry Bold from its handset offering due to continuing software problems. It seems to me (someone who hasn’t ever owned a Blackberry, or even used one for more than a few minutes) that this handset has been plagued with both problems and – possibly more damaging – scathing reviews – since its launch.

According to the Guardian:

Return rates are understood to have been uncharacteristically high, with consumers complaining of a number of issues, including dropped calls and poor reception.

Orange had similar problems with the device in October and decided to stop shipping it. It had hoped the issues had been ironed out with a batch of software fixes, but the Bold is still confounding some customers.

The news will be a blow to the device’s maker, Research In Motion (RIM), which has also experienced problems with the Bold’s successor, the Storm.

After initial enthusiasm about the look and feel of the device – it is RIM’s first full touchscreen phone – the Storm has faced a barrage of criticism because of a number of software glitches that make it painfully slow to execute certain tasks that other smartphones, such as Apple’s iPhone, carry out with ease.

Complaints include the phone’s built-in camera taking far too long to focus, poor sound quality and the overall slowness of the device. The problems were summed up succinctly by Stephen Fry, a self-­confessed gadget freak. “Been playing with the BB Storm,” he wrote on the social-networking service Twitter. “Shockingly bad. I mean embarrassingly awful. Such a disappointment. Rushed out unfinished. What a pity. iPhone killer? Ha!”


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