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Another Macworld Rumour…

ZDNet is also talking about the potential for Apple to turn iWork into a suite of web applications. However, rather than invest a lot of effort into making changes to the existing iWork suite, they may just tie in the service with Google:

If Apple re-brands Google Docs and Spreadsheets (Eric Schmidt is on the Apple board, Hello!) I’m all for it. Google’s Web office apps are mature, stable and I’m fluent with them. Apple shouldn’t re-invent the wheel on this one because Google’s already done all of the heavy lifting. But if the new Web apps have the ability to read and edit spreadsheets and word processing documents on the iPhone and iPod touch, they’ll be an unmitigated success. You can’t do that currently without third-party software.

Yep, I’d go for that. Google docs works well, and the ability to access it easily via my iPhone would be great.

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