Ethnic strife in Wapping!

Well, not quite. But recently, I met some of our neighbours (we live in an apartment) and found that we were all being disturbed by the noise coming from the same apartments. I was just pleased to get acknowledgement that I hadn’t been over-reacting and that the noise (and its timing) really were unacceptable.

A couple of weeks ago, someone decided to take this a little further a put up a very polite notice on a the communal noticeboard in the foyer. It simply asked all neighbours (no names) to keep their music down and be considerate of other people.

Well, some smart-arse though it was funny to scribble “Feral Aussies go home” on the notice. Now, I’m not sure who put up the notice but I do know some of our neighbours are Australian and definitely won’t take kindly to this when they get back from their holidays.

It’s not exactly Balkan-style strife, but things should definitely kick off soon… and let’s face it, January is normally a miserable month. This might brighten things up.

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