Cyber-skiving today?

Cyber-skiving today? You’re not alone | News | guardian.co.uk.

Ah good. Glad it’s not just me, then. Various social netwrking sites have been calling at my attention since sitting down at my laptop this morning. And, since work is rather quiet today, their voices seem all the louder. According to the Guardian,

Those of us who are working today, and in the days leading up to 12th night, are more likely to be contributing to the economy than the workplace by indulging in a hefty bout of cyber-skiving: browsing, booking, shopping and surreptitiously entering bank account details while making sure the gaze of your boss is averted (the official site of cyber-skiving seems to be only partly working today – perhaps its authors had some real work to do).

According to one survey released today, around 71% of those working over the next three days will spend an average of two hours of office time per day on the internet. This equates to 134 million hours of work being lost.

1 comment on “Cyber-skiving today?

  1. I’ve never seen cyper-skiving.com before…funny! I’d love to be doing my actual job but Xmas is the slowest time of year. We’ll be closed Th/F, though. Hopefully, when we get back there will be work!


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