Christmas begins now… sort of

I’ve finally finished wrapping presents for my family. I’m about to check-in online for my flight to Edinburgh tomorrow. I have just a couple of work-related tasks to complete tomorrow, as well as a meeting with my manager. Only now am I feeling in the ‘holiday spirit’. Up till now, it’s been pretty stressful. This time tomorrow evening, I’ll be sipping something cold in the departures lounge of the airport.


And to think I had a go at my sister when she started talking about Christmas presents in early November. Unlike me, she was truly prepared and did most of her shopping online. I found myself in Canary Wharf yesterday afternoon, feverishly trying to track down those last few crucial gifts. I would say it’ll be different next year, but I can’t see me changing that much in just twelve months!

I probably won’t have time to blog here again before leaving London (or while in Edinburgh) so I’ll just take this opportunity to wish eveyone (both of you) who reads this blog a very Happy Christmas or whatever special holiday you’re celebrating at this time of the year. Have fun, and I’ll see you on the other side!

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