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Well done, Iris…

6a00cd9704c4cb4cd500fa967d750b0002-320piMy “very good friend”, Irish Robinson has had her achievements recognised again. Stonewall has awarded her their ‘Bigot of the Year’ award for 2008.

No doubt this is in recognition for her sterling work in advancing the acceptance of gays and lesbians in Northern Ireland (where she is minister for health in the non-functioning Mickey Mouse executive).

No. Not really.

It’s because she has a record of blatant homophobia and, despite her position as an elected representative, sees fit to spout gibberish about “curing homosexuals”.

Yes, I’ve blogged about this nut-job before. Oh, and here. Sorry for the repetition. I’m just incredibly angry about the lack of an sort of apology, or the fact that there was little or no censure from her government.

Possibly because she’s married to the First Minister, Peter Robinson (only in Northern Ireland…).

The BBC broadcast the DUP’s annual conference this year, where her husband got a few chuckles from the dinosaurs in attendence when he mentioned her lack of political correctness (see his speech here). It’s not about being PC. It’s about respecting people and treating everyone equally. And (ideally) it should be about keeping your personal religious views separate from work… especially when religion has had such a negative impact on society, as in Norn Iron.

I’m sure the Stonewall award will find pride of place on her mantlepiece.

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