Is this woman for real?

Sadly, yes. And she’s not alone. I truly believe that democracy (one person, one vote) is the way to go… but watching this makes me want to propose IQ cut-offs for theright to particiate in elections!

I snagged this from my most excellent neighbour, Gunderson Bee, in the belief that as many people as possible need to see this.

Of course, I always refer to the religious beliefs of candidates’ mothers when casting a vote in any major election. It’s the only way to go. Screw policies and leave it all up to the Lord. Well, you puddin-faced piece of white-trash: don’t they also say “The Lord helps those that hep themselves”.

Who are you to critique someone else’s Christianity? Where exactly did you procure your Doctorate in Divinity or comparative religious study? Didn’t Jeebus warn against pointing to the splinter in your neighbour’s eye while ignoring the plank in your own?

And if your husband’s business goes under, I’m sure you’ll reject any form of financial assistance from a government led by a man whose mother ws an atheist. Of course. Jeebus himself will apear in your kitchen, bearing wads of cash, so you can drag your fat ass back down to McDonalds.

Agh! The anger. It burns….

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