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No new laptop for me…

So I missed the Apple macbook event earlier this week. My own fault, I had scheduled a meeting which overlapped with the multiple live-blogging feeds I was planning to follow. I ended up reading bits of it from my iPhone on the bus home.


I don’t think I missed a lot. Don’t get me wrong, the new Macbook and Macbok Pro are beautiful to behold and if I didn’t already own a laptop, I’d have placed my order already. But my own Macbook is less than a year old and working beautifully. I have no need to buy a replacement.


That’s the key word. If I had followed my inner Mac-faboy, I’d have placed my order on Tuesday. Instead, I took a step back and applied logic (I know, I was amazed too). It’s an investment I don’t need to make right now.

However, if Stevie Jobs had held up an 8-inch Macbook mini or something similar, then yes – I would have beat a path to the Apple Store.

Don’t worry – my inner Mac geek hasn’t gone away.

Maybe he’s just grown up a little.

PS – Amazing how many of the predictions for this event were spot on.
PPS – Steve didn’t completely reject the notion of a netbook… so he may still get my money

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