It came and went…

A shameful, shameful Saturday… especially considering this is a Bank Holiday weekend here in the UK. I know several people who have jetted off for the weekend, taking advantage of this last long weekend before the inevitable gloom of Autumn/Winter (which, to be honest, kicked in early this year…).

I, however, spent most of Saturday on the couch in front of the TV. I read a bit too – psychology journals, no less, in an attempt to re-ignite enthusiasm for my doctorate – and last night enjoyed two films and a massive pizza. I then stayed up far too late, watching god-awful TV until 2am and so feel a little spaced this morning. As for the films, Hellboy was on TV and I wanted a refresh before going to see the sequel.

I also watched ‘The Lives of Others’ on DVD, which was simply beautiful. You must see this film. For me, it represented a timely reminder of the evils of totalitarian government… not the violence and war, but the small and regular intrusions into the lives of citizens, the thought control and the stifeling, overbearing surveillance.

As I said, quite timely.

That said, I don’t feel like I wasted yesterday. I needed some downtime after a pretty hectic couple of weeks. I also fully intend to make better use of today and tomorrow i.e. catching up with friends and *finally* going to see the Dark Knight.

To be fair, I’ve had quite a lot of holidays this summer, and will be in Brussels next weekend, Amsterdam the following weekend. I’m viewing this as a pit-stop, an opportunity to refuel and relax.

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