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Happy Bloomsday!

Happy Bloomsday, one and all…the day we commemorate James Joyce‘s Ulysses, which was set in Dublin on this very day in 1904.

By way of celebration, I’m going to don a boater and striped blazer, walk with a cane and have impenetrable conversations with everyone I meet.

Or maybe, I’ll just continue to work… it is Monday, after all.

Damn. Wish I was in Dublin… though I don’t think I’d partake of the traditional menu. Ole’ Leopold Bloom certainly had particoolar tastes.

“Mr. Leopold Bloom ate with relish the inner organs of beasts and fowls. He liked thick giblet soup, nutty gizzards, a stuffed roast heart, liver slices fried with crustcrumbs, fried hencod’s roes. Most of all he liked grilled mutton kidneys which gave to his palate a fine tang of faintly scented urine.”

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