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I’m sold…

Yes, I know… you were possibly expecting a post-WWDC post on Monday, but it was late by the time I’d finished frothing at the mouth, and I still hadn’t cooked dinner.

In a word, it was superb. Not the iPhone (though that looks fantastic), I’m talking about the new MobileMe service that’s replacing .Mac. I’ve been a .Mac subscriber since the service started and I’ve never felt it’s lived up to its enormous potential. I think MobileMe (despite the fact that the name sucks) is what .Mac should always have been.

My service will be automatically upgraded next month and I can’t wait. To have the same iCal entires (and categories!!) appear on my Macbook, iPhone and any other computer with an connection to the net…to have the changes appear almost instantly… simply superb. And this is all topped off by a complete re-working of the web-based interface, something I use on daily basis. Thank you Apple, this is the happiest you’ve made me in a long time.

In other news, I am now definitely going to buy an iPhone. Admit it – you saw that one coming. The price reduction and the O2 tarrifs suit me fine, the App Store is incredibly exciting, and… dammit, I think I deserve it!

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