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…and I’m ashamed to say I’m like a kid on Christmas Eve. I’ve basically decided to get an iPhone 2.0 (or whatever it’s going to be called) subject to it being 3G and having a couple of other improvements I’ve blogged about before.

This decision has been made all the more straightforward by the fact that my Centro is behaving like an uncooperative infant and shutting down of its own accord. It’s also crashing when I got to accept a call, crashing when I check email and shutting down in the middle of calls. Frustrating doesn’t begin to describe it. It’s also my business phone, so I’m concerned about missing client calls.

I’ve therefore made the cognitive leap to accepting the iPhone as my saviour.

This morning’s Guardian, however, dented my enthusiasm a little with their prediction that:

The second-generation iPhone will go on sale immediately in the US, with British customers due to get their hands on it next month.

But I wanted it… now? 😉

Even I can wait a month. I think. Actually, it’s the wait between now and the keynote that is frustrating. I (due to living in London) have an entire working day to get through before his Steveness takes to the stage. It will be 6pm in London before we get any announcements. Luckily, I have a pile of work to do between now and then which might just take my mind off things.

Once the keynote starts, I’ll be completely unreachable. Should anyone call me, I can always blame my unreliable Centro for the dropped calls…

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