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Iron Man: go see it

Finally got to see Iron Man and have to say I enjoyed every minute. It was a Marvel fanboy’s (raises hand) dream come true.

Robert Downey Jr is the perfect Tony Stark, while Jeff Bridges is suitably creepy (and manical) as his nemesis. I thought the reworking of this origin story worked very well, updating the context to Afghanistan.

The special effects were great, in that they weren’t distracting. All in all, it set itself up perfectly for a sequel (please make it happen) featuring – perhaps – the Mandarin?

The story was accessible for newbies (I watched it with two of the same) but contained just enough in-references for older hands (“Ten Rings”, the War Machine armour, and others).

If you haven’t seen it, you *must* sit through the end credits. Trust me – if you know Marvel comics, it will be worth your wait.

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