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An Apple Tablet? Let it be true…

The Gadget Lab Blog over at Wired is discussing rumours of an Apple Tablet coming our way in the coming months:

Intel Germany ‘Confirms’ Apple Tablet

If we take a statement from Intel Germany’s CEO, mix in a little internet rumor and season with a salty sprinkling of speculation, we come up with an Apple Internet Tablet. Here’s the first ingredient, machine translated from ZDNET, Germany:

Germany-World’s managing director Hannes Schwaderer today confirms what has long been a rumor on the Internet […]: namely, that there is an iPhone with Intel’s new nuclear-chip type. The device is slightly larger than the current version, Schwaderer. This is not the Intel chip, but to the larger display in the new iPhone is used.

For “Nuclear Chip” read “Atom”, Intel’s 45nm x86 chip intended for UMPC use. Apparently, this will not be a replacement for the current iPhone, but an addition, like the MacBook Touch we last dreamed about back before MacWorld in January.

ZDNET thinks that the screen will sport a 720 x 480 pixel resolution, which suggests a mini-tablet sized device (the current iPhone’s screen measures 320×480 pixels). That puts it close to the Eee PC’s 800×400 resolution. A high-res, always connected tablet with movies, music and the Mac OS? Goodbye, Kindle.

I can think of about a gazillion uses I would have for something like this. I just hope it comes to pass.

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