Poor John Prescott…

Portly, frequently tongue-tied and occasionally violent. Inspiration for comedians and talk-show pundits all over the UK. All attributes of the former Deputy Prime Minister, John Prescott. But bulemic? Prescott? Sure, he looked like enjoyed the odd deep-fried Mars bar, but don’t bulemics em…how to put this delicately? Don’t they ‘purge’ once they’ve binged? Aren’t they usually young women? Misconceptions.

Okay, on the one hand, it’s easy to poke fun at Prescott. But I think he should be patted on the back for going public statement on this. Yes, we could be cynical and link it to his upcoming book. But I’d like to focus on all the other men out there with eating disorders. If this goes just a little way towards removing some of the stigma associated with this, then he’ll have done something useful.

Almost as useful as when he decked a protester who threw an egg at him. For your enjoyment once more… iiiiiin the red corner…

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