Derren Brown is gay?

Yes indeed, he is. And who cares? I mean, good for him and everything. But I wasn’t sitting on the very edge of my seat waiting to find out. I do like Brown and really enjoyed his book “Tricks of the Mind“, particular when he debunks various peddlers of hocus-pocus.

I hope this story just dies a death and he doesn’t end up being viewed as “Gay Illusionist, Derren Brown”. You know what I mean? He’s good at what he does. Let’s acknowledge him for that.

Predictably, the knuckle-draggers at The Sun had their moment with this headline. Scumbags.

I like Brown’s attitude to all this, though:

“Coming out when you are in the public eye is one of those things that isn’t an issue to yourself, your friends or your family. But you have to make a statement about it. You have to be open and up front – or you end up turning it into a dark secret in your mind.”

Be open and up front – exactly. If everyone was able to do this, there would be a lot less mystery, less hypocrisy, and sexual preference would just be another demographic variable.

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