Who’s running Transport for London?

And just how drunk are they?

Seriously. First they shut down the East London Line. Fine, I can see the logic. They’re going to upgrade it and link to other (albeit shitty) locations. Then they cancel the replacement bus service, which didn’t cross the river in any case. You’ll be familiar with this, I have ranted on this topic previously.

This meant more use of the DLR to get from A to B. Not a big deal. However, then I hear TfL are closing the Tower Hill DLR station until next year – another local transport inconvenience. Then, this afternoon I read that TfL are closing the interchange between the one remaining central DLR station and the rest of the tube.

That’s right, no interchange between Bank and Monument stations. Until August of next year. Over a year. Non-London readers won’t think this much of an issue, until you think about just how may thousands and thousands of people use this major interchange daily. It will be pandemonium. Are they really setting out to make it difficult to travel into central London from East London and the Docklands?

The ever-reliable Annie Mole has the details on her London Underground Tube blog. And for what it’s worth, here’s TfL’s explanation. Their suggestions for alternate interchanges for passengers are priceless.

I really wonder sometimes. Trained chimps could run London’s public transport system better sometimes.


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