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The Macbook has landed!

Hurrah! My MacBook arrived the other day. Luckily, it was delivered just after I had left for the office (my better half took receipt), otherwise there would have been a real danger of me never making it to the office at all!

I’m really pleased with it…no surprise there. I can really notice the speed bump in performance and the capacious 250GB hard-drive has removed all my media storage worries (for now). Seriously, applications jump to life when started and even the internet seems faster. Much of this may be psychological, but the bottom line is I’m really pleased with the new toy.

I also rebuilt my old MacBook for the sister. That was quite fun, in a sad geeky way, putting together a selection of applications that I know she’ll need… Firefox, Openoffice, iLife, iWork and the like.

For all copyright lawyers reading this, I categorically did not load up her new acquisition with a ton of my music library. That would be copyright infringement and “a very naughty thing to do indeed”. I’m looking forward to bringing it up to Edinburgh in a couple of weeks and doing the “My First Mac” session with her.

However, while I’m comfortable – confident, even – lecturing groups of up to 30 postgrad psychology students in a calm manner, sharing knowledge and providing them with a secure and enjoyable learning environment… I just know I’ll lose my cool trying to teach my sister the finer points of using a Mac. We’re too alike… it will be all butting heads and shouting “I know! I know!” and “Not that f-ing button, this one!!”.

Ahh…family and technology. The shortest possible route to a stress-induced coronary.

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