An afternoon of Rugby…

So, Ireland got hammered by Wales at Croke Park in Dublin. A disappointing game, with some disappointingly dirty play on both sides – at least the referee was on top of things and handed out the appropriate yellow cards.

To add insult to injury, Ireland’s Brian O’Driscoll was badly injured and ruled out of next week’s fixture against England.

Scotland, however, fared better and beat England in Edinburgh. An excellent game and a fantastic result for Scotland, their first win in this Six Nations series. As a result of beating England, they win the Calcutta Cup. A review from the BBC here. As my dad is a Scot, I’ll take this result at consolation for Ireland’s defeat.

This afternoon left the Six Nations with Wales on top and Italy at the bottom of the table. Let’s see if tomorrow’s France Vs Italy fixture changes that at all (I don’t expect it to… sorry, Italy!)

PS – Yes, I was supposed to be writing an essay for my doctorate course. And yes, I got 1,000 words on paper before the rugby completely distracted me. I just can’t multi-task…

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