Buyer’s Remorse?

I just won a Treo 500v (unlocked) on eBay. I was furiously reloading the site up to the last minute, edging up my bid pound by pound and, following a brief moment of euphoria, I’m now feeling a bit…remorseful?

Not at the expenditure, as I got it for less than half the price of a new Treo 500, but at the fact that earlier today I had basically agreed with my inner spend-monkey not to buy any more gadgets until I had an iPhone in my hot little hand.

So much for self-control.

So what did I get? Well, it’s unlocked so I can use the phone on the T-Mobile network I’m shackled to. It’s smaller an lighter than my 680 and has a much better camera. So expect to see more spur of the moment photos posted here.

It also boasts a 3G connection which should result in less frustration when accessing the net on the go.

Now I just need to get used to Windows Mobile all over again. And download the WinMob Vox client so I can continue to – occasionally – blog from my phone.

The only positive thing to come out of this eBay splurge is that I didn’t pony up for a Nokia e90 communicator. I want one almost as much as I want an iPhone. But they’re just too pricey at the moment… Jebus, but I need to get a life!

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