Learning to love Google+

Among the plethora of social networking tools, Google+ seems to come in for an awful lot of abuse. It’s been described as “empty”, a “desert” and a “failure” by various commentators. Sure, it’s no Facebook. But that’s the reason I’ve come to like it over the last year or so. Let me expand. Google+ communities are great […]

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Postach.io joins the App Centre

The really very excellent Postach.io has joined the Evernote App Centre. What’s Postach.io, I hear you say? If you use Evernote, it’s an idiot-proof method for turning notes into a perfectly serviceable blog. It’s definitely idiot-proof as I’ve managed it – took about one minute to get it up and running. I really have a […]

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The Google+ paradox

I’ve been using Google+ for almost as long as it’s been available. It has a lot going for it: excellent apps for the iOS platform, a gorgeous browser interface and interaction with other users that is missing from almost every other social media platform I’ve used. There are some fantastic interest groups / forums and […]

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Day One at a time

Not an error. I’m talking about the app called “Day One“. I’ve blogged about it before, but I’m afraid it was lost in the great blog meltdown of 2012. (Still hurts). DayOne is a great little app for keeping a journal. It’s on Mac OS and iOS and syncs in the cloud, so you can […]

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Tired of Facebook?

I know I am. And at the moment, it’s not unlike this video: I’m actively considering deleting my profile, mostly because Facebook don’t seem to care a jot about my privacy. That, and I’m getting sick of the spam-like invitations to exchange non-existent items or work on non-existent farms. I’m bored with the over-the-top demands […]

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