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Want! Want so much!!

Okay, so it’s not a Brompton, but for fair-weather cyclists like me, this looks fantastic. I have to wonder how heavy it is, but all the same, such a great idea. Mind you, would I last five minutes on London’s streets with this? Probably not. Sadly.

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Big Easy? Far too easy…

I spent yesterday lunchtime at The Big Easy in Canary Wharf, grazing through the brunch menu like some particularly greedy livestock. It was a special occasion, as we’re celebrating @FrankDJS‘s birthday all weekend long. I went in with the best of intentions…an omelette, maybe eggs benedict or something. Unfortunately, they ruined all my plans in […]

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Considering notes on iOS

The guys over at the Mac Power Users podcast spent a while reviewing the various options we iOS users have when it comes to Notes apps. The podcast covers the pros and cons of the popular apps, including: Apple Notes, Evernote, OneNote and just using plain text files (!!). You can listen to the notes […]

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My local Death Star

I love this… Turns out that some of the filming for the new Star Wars movie was done in my local Tube station, Canary Wharf. Gizmodo have the details. The first Rogue One trailer has dropped, and London’s own Jubilee Line appears to have played host to one of the movie’s most exciting scenes. Commuting can be […]

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Early days with the Apple Pencil

I’m not ashamed to say I spent an inordinate amount of my Saturday evening playing with a pencil. The new Apple Pencil, combined with my iPad Pro 9.7″. I know this word gets thrown around a lot when discussing Apple’s products, but it’s really ‘magical’. In that I can’t understand how it works so well. […]

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